Tough Mudder


Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 10:00
Open event.Everyone is welcomed.

Erika's father passed away recently with complications related to his peripheral vascular disease. He lived with it for 17 years and it really affected his lifestyle and mobility. After his funeral, she and her family and realised that very few of their friends and family knew anything about PVD and vascular disease in general. She has since decided that she would like to raise some awareness on the issue and how it affects people who have it.

This year in June, Erika will be doing her 4th Tough Mudder. Every year she has never asked for sponsorship from anyone but this year she would like to raise money for the Circulation Foundation charity in memory of my dad. 

Thank you Erika, it is very much appreciated.

Event Location: 
Drumlanrig Castle
United Kingdom
Erika Botel
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