The Circulation Foundation makes three major awards per year to fund vascular research. The value of research funds awarded is currently approximately £1/4 million per year. Like a seed bed, we fund primary research which often goes on to large scale, life transforming studies. In the last four years the Circulation Foundation has awarded over £500,000 in funds for research, pushing the boundaries in the treatment of vascular disease. Get involved and help us save more lives and limbs through our evolving research programme. Here are just a few examples of recent research projects. To get our free leaflets on vascular disease then go to our Patient Information section.

Cleveland Barnett

Identified a way for lower limb amputees to rehabilitate faster.

“Lower limb amputees are able to perform activities of daily living effectively, but most research to date is based on those with a number of years experience of prosthetics.”

Janice Tsui

Discovered a new way to reduce inflammation and cell damage in Peripheral Arterial Disease, so reducing the risk of amputation.

“Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a significant healthcare issue. In severe PAD, patients are at high risk of amputation. Despite advances in
treatments, a third of patients with severe PAD lose their leg within a year.”

Joseph Shalhoub

Developed an innovative microbubble injection and ultrasound scan to predict which sufferers of carotid artery narrowing are likely to have a stroke.

“60,000 strokes a year are caused by narrowing of the carotid artery leading to the brain.

One third of these patients go on to die within a year. A proportion of the remainder are left significantly disabled and dependent.”

Mital Desai

Came up with an innovation to improve technology in stent grafting, to improve patient care.

“Most people who suffer from an aneurysm have a repair operation, which in many cases requires further operations.”



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