'Maureen' the Monkey!!


Chris Lawrence along with family and friends are organising various events to raise money for the Circulation Foundation after his eldest daughter aged 27 and her newborn baby died of a Splenic Artery Aneurism in December last year during the first stages of labour.

His latest venture was on the 25-26th August. Clacton Air Show was on and lots of visitors to this passed the bottom of Chris' garden so they decided this would be the perfect opportunity to raise funds. They bought sticks for the CF balloons and gave them to children walking past.  'Maureen' the monkey made her first appearance and was the biggest fundraiser. She posed for free selfies which targeted the slightly older donators and made everyone smile as they went past.  A great day was had by all although poor Kelsey got too hot in the costume and had to be replaced!

The fantastic sum of £194.60 was raised and Chris and family intend to take 'Maureen' on outings around town if they get approval from local authorities.

Fabulous work guys!!

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