Ratrace Scottish Coast-to Coast


Ed Low and his brother Tom did the Scottish Coast to Coast Ratrace raising a huge amount of money for the Circulation Foundation along the way. Below is Ed's take on how the event progressed:

'Day 1 started with an amazing 7-mile run along a river bank with glorious sunshine and lots of high-spirits and transitioned into a 45-mile cycle across/up the exposed foothills of the highlands. It became quite brutal as everyone battled 35-mile-an-hour headwinds and there were many a sense-of-humour failure that we passed along the way, with people throwing their bikes around in frustration with the elements (??!!). Tom did the good deed of the day and spent some time fixing a competitor's bike that had broken and then spent an hour pushing hard to make up time. To top it all off, there was an 8-mile-long hill we had to ascend at the end of the cycle, against the wind which was relentless.

We then flew down the backside of the hill and onto a kayak for a short stint to the finish of Day 1. We were surprisingly good in a kayak, not having ever been in one, and took some places on the water. Day 1 took us about 6hrs. This was the 'easy' day apparently and it turned out that both of us had some serious concerns about Day 2 though we did not share them at the time.

Day 2 started with a 15-mile cross-country bike ride with some pretty terrifying descents on muddy tracks at harsh angles with big drops down the sides - I bottled a corner at one stage, braked and Tom couldn't unclip fast enough and ended up down the slope, bike and all and being pulled out by a few of us. Very lucky not to be hurt. This was followed by a 10-mile road cycle and into transition for a well-earned 1/2 hour break before the 15-mile run. The break was a godsend. Many energy-bars and cups of tea later we set off for the final push: The run was phenomenal. Tom decided it was a race now and we set off like we meant it, smashing it pretty hard and proceeded to overtake many pairs as we had found a solid rhythm and pushed hard. The scenery was immense, huge hills/mountain escarpments overflowing with waterfalls. Silver rock-faces wrapped in rich-green blankets, we jumped streams, hopped rocks and groaned quite a lot. One weird experience was, because you are watching the terrain in front of you and the ground coming at you like a travelator, when you do look up at the hills and sky, it all seems to be shooting away from you in crazy kaleidoscopic zooms. Or maybe it was the 'tea'.

Kayaking was cancelled because of high winds so rather than the 14 mile run, they added an extra mile for us just to be nice. We descended a pretty brutal last 4-5 miles of rugged paths that made the knees feel pretty special and then had a last mile on the roads to the finish in . 

It was an awesome event - great to do it with Tom and raise some money for a great cause so, again, from me and Tom, thanks for your support'.

Well done gents, a superb effort and over £1300 raised for the Circulation Foundation so thank you both so much for your support.

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