Vascular Awareness Month


STEP IT UP for September

Our supporters include healthcare professionals, individuals with vascular disease, and their families and friends, and this year we would like to encourage you all to ‘Step It Upfor September.

‘Step It Up’ for awareness of vascular disease

The understanding of vascular disease and its effect on our lives, by the general public, is often poor, and the Circulation Foundation strives to highlight and promote awareness for vascular disease to the general public, so that everyone understands how important our work is. Vascular disease is the collective term for diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatics. Every part of the body to which blood flows can be affected by it. It’s as common as cancer and heart disease and accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK, many of which are preventable.

 Arterial diseases include: Peripheral vascular disease, Aneurysmal disease, Carotid disease and Stroke, Leg ulcers
Venous diseases include: Varicose veins, Leg ulcers, Deep vein thrombosis
Lymphatic disease include: Lymphoedema

‘Step It Up’ for fundraising

Like any charity, the Circulation Foundation is wholly dependent on money from fund raising. The money we raise goes towards funding and promoting research into the causes, treatment and prevention of vascular disease in the UK. We also provide essential information to patients and their families, whilst raising awareness of vascular disease and the importance of healthy veins and arteries, to ensure we can lead longer, healthier lives. Why not make fundraising part of your event or activity to help us continue our work.


‘Step It Up’ for stopping smoking

Smoking is the worst enemy of vascular disease. It is very rare for healthcare professionals to find someone with arterial vascular disease who has not smoked in their past. It increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and lower limb amputation. Could you start the process to stopping smoking? Find out more information on how to quit successfully from your GP or local pharmacist. Find a local smoking cessation group. Look at the different nicotine replacements, and decide what you are going to use once you decide to quit. Once prepared you are ready to go, and ‘Step It Up’ for September.

‘Step It Up’ for healthy eating

Eating a healthy diet is good for us all; however it can also reduce your chances of developing vascular disease. A good balanced diet not only keeps your weight under control, it helps reduce your cholesterol levels, helps keep your blood pressure under control and also reduces your risk of getting diabetes. A high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes are all risk factors for vascular disease. Share information about a healthy diet with your friends and family. Why not take this opportunity to start a new healthier diet and a new healthier lifestyle yourself. Document your new recipes, take photographs of your food, and track your weight loss.

For more information please visit:

‘Step It Up’ for regular exercise

Exercise keeps us all fit and healthy, and for patients with vascular disease it can be particularly important. Patients with peripheral vascular disease 

can improve their symptoms and ability to mobilise, by undertaking a specific exercise programme. Patients who require an operation, both major and minor, can improve their recovery by being fitter and healthier beforehand. Could this be the right time for you to increase your level of exercise? Start with simple goals, and slowly build up your own exercise regime. Combine your new regular exercise with fundraising during September, and organise a sponsored walk or a sponsored 5K run. 


Request to get some cool things to make your event colorful.


Vascular Awareness Month 2016

SEPTEMBER will be The Circulation Foundation’s 2016’s Vascular Awareness Month, which will be active UK wide. 

Everyone can get involved and do their bit in promoting and raising awareness of Vascular Disease.

You can be an organiser or a participator - run, cycle, trek, walk, dance, bake … Alternatively simply erect a Promotional Display or strategically place one of our collection boxes. Collect foreign Currency (perfect timing after the holiday season) or encourage people to go to the website and try out our easy-to-use risk checker so they can assess their vascular health and take preventative action.

If you need help or promotional materials such as pins, T-shirts, balloons or collection boxes. Email:

or contact Louise Allen whose email is

Alternatively make a donation by visiting our donation page.

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