Vascular Awareness Month 2018


SEPTEMBER will be The Circulation Foundation’s 2018’s Vascular Awareness Month, which will be active UK wide. 

Everyone can get involved and do their bit in promoting and raising awareness of Vascular Disease. This year’s theme will promote a self-help approach to improving one’s circulation under the banner of Healthy living/Healthy Circulation. This can include improving diets, increasing exercise, stopping smoking, losing weight or anything that gets people motivated to improve their health.

You can be an organiser or a participator - run, cycle, trek, walk, dance, bake … Alternatively simply erect a Promotional Display or strategically place one of our collection boxes on the ward, in clinic or hospital reception. Collect foreign Currency (perfect timing after the holiday season) or encourage people to go to the website and try out our easy-to-use risk checker so they can assess their vascular health and take preventative action.

If you need help or promotional materials such as awareness ribbons, T-shirts, balloons or collection boxes please email:

Alternatively, make a donation by visiting our donation page.


Radio Podcast promoting the Vascular Awareness Month September 2018


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