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Join us in walking the 60,000 miles of the Arterial Body to raise awareness of vascular disease and vital funds for research.

Even though vascular disease is so widely prevalent in our society, it is vastly underfunded in the field of medical research. The Circulation Foundation is working to change that by embarking on a focused programme of research which funds both established vascular research teams and young medical scientists and surgeons, so we can help build a stronger vascular research community in the UK.

Our supporters join us for many reasons. Some have seen how vascular disease can affect the lives of a loved one. Others have suffered themselves. Our corporate sponsors want to connect with medical professionals and promote positive health messages.

But everyone who offers their generous support does so in the knowledge that their contribution makes a big difference. It does not have to cost anything, for example, if you have a site of your own then it would be great if you could display one of our web banners and link it to us here. It is very simple to do and helps spread the word.

Please join us. There are many ways you can get involved:

Vascular Awareness Month - we’re getting people strolling, swimming and swinging – to help us save lives and limbs. Please join in…we’ve got a fundraising guide and a whole heap of free resources to help you.

To get involved you can register your four week challenge any time during September.

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