2008 research awarded by the Circulation Foundation


The Circulation Foundation Research Fellowship
Janice Tsui: £15,000
The roll of toll-like receptors in PAD

The Circulation Foundation Research Fellowship
Peter Holt: £15,000
Patients preferences for treatment in a population screened for AAA

The Mary Davies Research Fellowship
Joseph Shalhoub: £25,000
Risk stratification in carotid atherosclerotic plaque by multianalyte profiling of plaque mediators and quantification of intraplaque angiogenesis by microbubble contrast enhanced ultrasound

Travel Grants to learn endovascular techniques
Lucy Wales, Australia: £5000
Philip Davey, Australia: £5000

The Owen Shaw Award
Cleveland Barnett: £3000
Gait and balance in new unilateral transtibial amputees

SVT Training Award
Sarah Hayns: £5000
Introduction of ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy service: an evaluation on the efficacy and effects on quality of life

SVN Training Award
Anne Johnson: £5000
Does operative intervention reverse the coagulation and fibrinolytic abnormalities seen in patients with AAA?

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