Funding at all levels makes a significant difference to our small charity 

  • This can be a one-off, repeat or multi-year commitment.
  • Donations may range from several hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds per year, and allow partial or full funding of highly prestigious projects.

Our major donors can choose to dedicate their bequest to a specific field of research or Vascular Campaign.

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Corporate Support

Establishing relationships with companies is a very important area of growth for the Circulation Foundation. By linking with corporates we are able to increase our income and raise awareness of our work.

We are a small charity, run by volunteers, so every donation makes a BIG difference. Our long-term goal is to eradicate vascular disease through our innovative research and awareness programs, meanwhile, we are investing in the treatment of vascular disease, providing vital support for sufferers and their families and increasing public awareness of the disease.

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