You are central to our work
Vascular practitioners and other health professionals with an interest in supporting the promotion of vascular health are extremely well placed to spread the word about the Circulation Foundation.

We have a range of literature to help us together promote awareness, provide patient information and, critically, generate financial support for our valued research programme.  The majority of these are available to download from the website.



Useful links for medical professionals:

The Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland is a registered charity founded to relieve sickness and to preserve, promote and protect the health of the public by advancing excellence and innovation in vascular health, through education, audit and research.

Society of Vascular Nurses is a society run by nurses for nurses. Their main aim is to provide a national network for nurses working in vascular care.

The Society for Vascular Technology (SVT) was formed in 1992 to advance non-invasive vascular diagnostic services by promoting training and research in Vascular Technology and to disseminate the results of such research for the benefit of the public.

The Cochrane Review Group for Peripheral Vascular Diseases review and summarise the most comprehensive and reliable evidence on all surgical and medical interventions for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of all diseases of the arteries and veins.  In order to ensure our reviews continue to be accessible and relevant to those who experience these vascular conditions (either personally or as a carer) we would like to invite members of the Circulation Foundation to become actively involved in review production by providing feedback to them before publication.


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