Think about gifting in your will
Give the gift of life - leave a legacy

Since 2009 Circulation Foundation has received over £300,000 from gifts left to us in the Wills of supporters.

Each legacy helped to fund vital research into vascular disease, produce and supply much needed information and support thousands of patients, carers and healthcare professionals. By leaving a legacy to Circulation Foundation in your will, you will help to continue this work. Remembering a charity in your Will doesn’t cost you a penny during your lifetime, but it will make an enormous difference to the lives of patients and carers who follow in your footsteps.

Here's how to pledge:

Updating your Will If you already have a Will, a gift to Circulation Foundation can be easily added to it by making a Codicil, at minimal cost. However, it is a good idea to review your existing will regularly to ensure that it always reflects your wishes. Solicitors generally recommend reviewing your Will every five years.

If you don't have a Will
It’s easy to make a Will. We recommend you arrange to see a solicitor who specialises in Wills. The Circulation Foundation has joined The Goodwill Partnership who offer home visit Will writing services to its supporters and volunteers. The Goodwill Partnership was launched in 2009 to offer low-cost, home-visit Will-writing services for charities’ donors. Please visit their website at: for more information. Before you attend, start thinking about the assets which make up your estate, i.e. your home, your savings, your personal items and consider how you would like your estate to be distributed on your death. It is helpful to take names and addresses of anyone you would like to include in your Will to the appointment.

We understand that you would want to benefit your loved ones, but charitable legacies are a popular way of supporting charities on death.

There are several ways of giving to charity in your Will. You may choose to leave a specific item or a particular sum of money to the charity. Alternatively, you may choose to leave the charity a defined share of what is left in your estate after all debts and other legacies have been paid. You can state whether you would like the charity to use the gift to pursue its general aims or to provide funding for a particular purpose. You should discuss your choices with your solicitor. In order to include Circulation Foundation in your Will, the solicitor will need to know the following details about Circulation Foundation, so be sure to take these with you:

Circulation Foundation |Blackburn House| Redhouse Road | Seafield | Bathgate| West Lothian| EH47 7AQ

tel: +44 (0) 20 7205 7151 | email:

Registered charity number 1102769